So how do you reach your market? And once you do reach them, how do you ensure they will buy from your online shop?

You have a great product that you know people want.

How do you make it really happen?

Lots of companies have grand ecommerce plans, they wish to take their products or services and offer them online. While some ebusinesses are making a killing, the sad truth is that the majority of ecommerce ventures fail. Why is that? Maybe it's a product that is just not suited for online Internet sales. Maybe it's a product whose online market has already been saturated.

But that's not you

You know that customers are waiting to buy your products. So all you have to do is make a great ecommerce site, right? WRONG!!!!

Build a compelling, professional ecommerce web site.

You have to define the right messaging for online customers. They are different people to those that visit your High Street premises. You have to build a trustworthy, reliable and robust website and ecommerce online payment infrastructure to support your ebusiness.

You have to find your way onto your customers' screen - - to be where they are looking by using SEO, off-site promotion, Google Adwords etc., etc.

Imagine that your customer actually does find your web site. They like your message, they trust you, they really want to buy from you! They enter your shopping cart, but somewhere along the way, they lose confidence or get confused and after all that effort to bring them in, they ditch your shopping cart. Accepting payments online is serious business not to just hand over to an off-the-shelf shopping cart or web developer.

Didge helped us focus on developing the right online messaging, positioning and Internet infrastructure to start reaching the sales potential we know our products have."

Kim Phipps, Owner - Dancing Boutique.