The on-line sales incentive tool is designed to promote both volume and margin growth - the awarding of points can be focused on whatever business dynamic you feel appropriate at the time.

White label incentive rewards and loyalty programmes

How it works

For the programme owner the reward system allows multiple individuals / managers to select participants, choose a reward category or enter a specific reason, choose a reward level or enter a number of points to be awarded and send a notification email. The programme allows clients who are running incentive and reward schemes the flexibility to determine the criteria of reward. Points are awarded to participants as they perform in line with scheme requirements.

Spending the points

The rewards web site is effectively a password-protected online store with thousands of products. The site also includes all the popular high street vouchers, providing the employee with real choice and ensuring that there will always be a reward to meet an individual's aspirations. The participant registers on the site and shops using points instead of money. Their online account will have automatically been credited with their award points.

Benefits to the programme owner

Up and running in hours with no up-front fees campaigns can be short and targetted. Awards can be made rapidly.

Encourage continued performance by allowing participants to accumulate reward points to achieve the reward of their choice.

Provides total financial control. Where there are multiple personnel responsible for making awards spend levels are set prior to participants being rewarded. Full audit trails with management reports enabling the tracking of every award, who made it and to whom. Parameters for reports can be customised.

Fully brandable with existing corporate identities thus promoting and endorsing brand values

Provides information for HMRC in order to account for any Tax or National Insurance liability arising from the reward scheme.

Benefits to the participants

Huge redemption choice for participants ensuring rewards fit with individual aspirations, including choosing their own prize.

The participants personal achievement is recognised.

Gives instant value to participants keeping the message alive with easy reward redemption.

Awards can be made to a group of participants or a team to share, helping to build and motivate productive teams.